The PARTY GAME for the entertaining connoisseur


CORKED is a PARTY GAME for FUN people, where EVERYONE plays on EVERY turn and no one EVER performs ALONE!

Why it rocks:

1 - Everyone plays on every turn, which means there is no down time... ever.
2 - You can play while drinking.... and it is encouraged (alcoholic beverages only applicable for peeps over 21. Drink responsibly)
3 - No one ever performs alone. If there is shame or glory, it's shared with a friend.
4 - It comes with a bag to carry your bottle (see parenthesis on #2)
5 - It's every man/woman for himself/herself, but the crowd can influence the score. (Even your freak show friends who are great at games won't win every time)
6 - It costs less than $20
7 - Your friends may wet themselves

What's in the Bag?

1 - A conveniently sized sleeve that houses a bottle (see parenthesis on #2 under "Why it Rocks") 
2 - The Corked game box

What's in The Game Box?

1 - 100 playing Cards
2 - Instructions
3 - Dry Erase Scoreboard (located on the back of the instructions because we like trees)
4 - Sand Timer
5 - Dry Erase Marker
6 - A Turn Order Card (to help decide the order of the chaos)
7 - An invitation to share the Corked love

Quick Game Summary - CORKED is an often crazy, always hilarious, game of physical action and interaction. 4-10 Players    

    When it's your turn, you choose 2 people to perform for the rest of the group. The 2 performers work together, silently and simultaneously, to try to get anyone in the crowd of other players to guess the right answer(s) on the card. Each performers acts out one word on the card, which is half of the full compound word that is to be guessed, at the same time. All non-performing players try to decipher the 2 words being acted out, and attempt put them together to correctly guess the complete, two-part word aloud. Successful performers and successful guessers are awarded points on each turn. As the scores evolve, so do the selection strategies. Games take around 20-30 minutes, depending on the size of the group, and are always filled with loud and sometimes obnoxious fun.
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